Evaluation and Assessment

The school follows a continuous and comprehensive evaluation system. The assessment is not mechanical by way of written tests and assignments but is based on the assessment conducted in both formal and informal settings which are interesting, relevant and meaningful to the learners. The two forms of assessment are formative and summative.

Formative Assessment is developmental and diagnostic in nature whereby, the teacher is able to assess the learner’s efforts, performance, attitude towards learning and ability to apply it, in everyday situations. It also identifies, areas of learning difficulty of students and provides remedial measures to improve student learning.

Summative Assessment is the procedure of assessment of a learner in a certain period of time. It is usually pen paper test and is carried out at the end of term. It sumps up how much a student has learned

CCE based Assessment

Semester I      –              

Formative Assessment I                                 – 10 %

Formative Assessment II                                – 10 %

Summative Assessment                                  – 30%

Semester II     –               

Formative Assessment I                                 – 10 %

Formative Assessment II                               – 10 %

Summative Assessment                                  – 30%

  • Each formative assessment is again divided into smaller assessments such as class assignment , quiz , project , written test which can carry different marks .
  • Each formative assessment has a weightage of 10 % which can be arrived at by taking an average of all the tasks; the best three or four.
  • The total weightage of all the four formative assessments is 40%
  • The total weightage of all the two summative assessments is 60